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I'm the proud son of a nurse and a computer programmer, but it's pretty fair to say the arts weren't exactly running through my veins. My theatre career began with a portrayal of Humptey Dumptey in a central Pennsylvania middle school play, and I've been falling off metaphorical walls ever since. NYC is my home now, where I'm a music director, pianist, orchestrator/arranger, and vocal coach.


I'm an avid communicator and deeply fascinated by how music and theatre communicates messages, values, and stories. This interest has led me around the globe to many a piano near and far. After graduating from Baldwin Wallace University, I performed across America with the national tour of Jersey Boys and sailed to dozens of countries with Norwegian Cruise Lines. I've been lucky enough to work as an MD and arranger for a variety of concerts, leading to performances with stars ranging from Darren Criss to David Archuleta. I've also worked ​as a copyist/music assistant on a variety of projects, including the Avett Brothers' new musical Swept Away and the Jimmy Awards. As we all went digital in 2020, I've stayed busy by performing (virtually) with Shoshana Bean and orchestrating and editing fundraiser videos for The Bail Project, BC/EFA, and Performing Arts Conservatory of New Canaan

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, and artists are finding new ways to adapt and learn new skills. Inspired by the possibility of integrating data into my work as an artist, I studied data science and analytics on Coursera, ultimately leading to enrollment in a 12-week intensive boot camp at Metis. I followed in my dad's footsteps, learning Python, SQL, and freshening up my HTML/CSS skills (dormant since the days of designing MySpace layouts). I've enjoyed writing about my projects; you can learn more about my SCOTUS decision predictor or my Broadway film adaptation success predictor at my Medium page!

Outside of music, I'm a tree-climbing enthusiast, devoted TED Talk listener and (well-intentioned) amateur chef. I like to learn, solve problems, and to stay busy; why not do all three?  

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